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Shamim M. Momin Leaves Los Angeles Nomadic Division to Become Senior Curator at Seattle’s Henry Art Gallery

In a surprising turn of events, Shamim M. Momin, the iconic founding director and curator of Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND), has decided to embark on a new chapter. Come June 30, she’ll bid adieu to the City of Angels and move northward to become the senior curator at the revered Henry Art Gallery in Seattle.

Born out of a decade-long tenure at the esteemed Whitney Museum in New York, LAND was Shamim’s brainchild in 2009. Her illustrious journey at Whitney saw her at the helm of not one, but two Whitney Biennials in 2004 and 2008. Also, she was the force behind the museum’s Altria space in Midtown Manhattan until its closure. A seasoned curator, she has championed diverse talents, be it Alex Bag or Raymond Pettibon.

Sylvia Wolf, the director of Henry Art Gallery, couldn’t be more thrilled. “Shamim brings a trove of experience in contemporary art. Her decades of service have enriched communities globally. We’re excited to tap into her intellectual prowess and commitment towards making art accessible,” said Wolf, painting a hopeful picture of Shamim’s future impact on Seattle’s art scene.

In a heartfelt letter to the LAND community, co-signed by Kelsey Lee Offield, the board president, Shamim reflected on her enriching journey. She talked about how LAND has been a canvas for over 100 exhibitions and performances. “This decade-long journey has involved more than 400 artists across 30 cities, both nationally and globally. I feel deeply gratified to have co-created this legacy along with a terrific team, our supporters, and of course, our extraordinary board,” she stated.

LAND won’t be left rudderless, rest assured. It will now be co-steered by two directors. Allison M. Keating, who currently heads development and administration, has been crowned as co-director and curator of performance. As for the other co-director, the hunt is still on, but they will hold the esteemed title of chief curator.

Mark your calendars, folks. Shamim M. Momin departs from LAND on the last day of June and commences her new adventure at the Henry on the first of September. One chapter closes, yet another opens, and Shamim’s artistic journey continues to enthrall us all.

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